Z – Zzzzz…. Sleep And Writing

It’s so nice to get one of those waves of inspiration.  Not too long ago, I had a great one, and lucky me, it just kept going.  The night it hit, I was writing from 12 o’clock to 4:30 – in the morning.

We don’t plan for these things to happen.  We can’t schedule our creativity to spring at an opportune time.  It just pops up when it pops up, and sometimes that means a very long night.  I call it “writer’s insomnia” – a sleep disturbance that develops because the mind won’t stop writing your story.  You put your pen down, or get up from your computer, but your brain is still writing.  You try to fall asleep, but in your head you continue to hear the words describing a scene that plays before you when you shut your eyes.  Unfortunately, there’s not a pill you can take to make this go away.  Well, there may, but generally I have a feeling that type of pill would also take the story with it.  The only real way to combat it, is to go write it down until you can’t write anymore.  I’ve known some people to keep a tape recorder (or whatever new technological replacement is available) on the nightstand to record whatever they think of in the middle of the night.  My own fix to writer’s insomnia is to try to keep as much of the story in my head as possible.  Just like reading a book in bed, I will let the words of my own story lull me to sleep, and just hope that in the morning I will remember at least a little.


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