V – Voice: Who Said That!?!

As I was reading, I started thinking about how hard it is for me to differentiate my characters’ voices.  It has been a consistent comment in notes on my MS and some other work I’ve done.  To practice, I decided to try an exercise based on my WIP.  Give this a try if you find the same difficulty in your work.

Write a “Point/ Counter-Point” of sorts from the POVs of two of your characters who have experienced the same event.   Would they see things differently? -Put more emphasis or importance on one event versus another?  How would their use of language differ?  Focus on really getting into the head of the character you are writing and see it from his/ her POV.

As a former actress (READ: local community and high school theater circuit), I can’t believe it has taken me so long to get the idea of adapting an old performance exercise into a writing exercise.  If I think of anymore, I will certainly share them, but the only one that is popping in my head at present doesn’t really translate to writing; unless of course you want to increase your typing speed.  Annunciation practice for writers!

Red leather, yellow letter, copper kettle, brittle brattle, skidaddily dee, skidaddily doo.




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2 responses to “V – Voice: Who Said That!?!

  1. Jenn, I think you mean ENUNCIATION practice. ANNUNCIATION practice for writers really only comes in handy if you’re going to e-mail a lot of virgins about giving birth to Messiahs, which is a reeeeeeeeally niche market nowadays. 🙂

  2. burnsmillie

    This seems like great practice…I might have to try it sometime.

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