T – Time: It’s Never Too Late, Or Too Early

Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of commercials revolving around retirement.  It stands to reason.  The Baby Boomer Generation is not really getting younger, and if you can believe it (as a member, I can’t) the earliest Generation Xers are  beginning to reach their 50s.  Of course, like a good little capitalist nation, a range of companies are banking on this, and getting us hyped up to retire.  (They do seem to be overlooking the fact that the majority of us will not be able to experience the retirement of previous generations, but I think there was really only one generation that did that anyway, so I guess it’s not that big a deal.)

But if you get to retire in the traditional sense, what will you do with it?  Are you one of those who has thought, “I can’t wait to retire!  I can finally write that book – that Great American Novel – that I’ve wanted to write all these years”.  Will you be Bilbo in a hole, writing all about your adventures long past?  If you’re retired now, does any of this sound like how you spent the day today?

I don’t think there is anything wrong with waiting until the time is right, or the inspiration hits.  Some may say, “If you want to write, Write!  Why wait?”, and I do agree with that.  But, if you’ve been waiting for the “right time”, I don’t see anything wrong with that either.  The fact is, as long as we are living, all we have is time.  We have time to raise our families, make friends, work hard, and participate in activities we enjoy.  And we always have time to write.

So, if you’ve saved up all your creative juice for retirement, now’s the time to use it.  And if you’re not quite to retirement age (or financial ability), now is still the time to use that creative juice.  Let it flow out of your pen, and onto the page.  Because, no matter what anyone else thinks, putting your thoughts, your story, and your heart down on paper is never a waste of time.



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2 responses to “T – Time: It’s Never Too Late, Or Too Early

  1. Great truth in this post! Loved the way you developed your idea here. I am one of those who says, “I can’t wait to retire!”, even though I haven’t waited for that to write my book or travel. I can’t wait to retire to do more of it, as well as take fun classes like art and creative writing, among other things. But, I’ve got a few more years yet – I’m definitely not a baby boomer, and didn’t quite make the X generation. But soon, I say, soon! Writer’s Mark

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