P – Poetry: My Personal Everest


Here is a format with which I struggle deeply. Like any preteen girl, especially in the early 90s, I started my writing career with poetry. Most of it was lyrical, romantic in nature, and rhymed. Everything rhymed. Like most young girls, I thought that’s what poetry was – rhyming verse. It wasn’t until I took my first creative writing class my freshman year in high school, that I realized poetry doesn’t have to rhyme. As a matter of fact, some of my favorite poets abandon the rhyming concept all together – bless them! And when I too chose to abandon trying to find a word that was approximate enough to match with purple (which I never did, by the way), I found that poetry came so much more easily. It still wasn’t good mind you. Just easier.

I maintain that the important qualities of good poetry – a discernible message, brevity, clear imagery – are not my strongest qualities. However, following a painful admission to family, I wrote a poem, which I still believe is my best. Really, no matter what you think of this one, feel confident in my assertion that I plateaued and don’t ask for anymore.


If I were to say it would I yell it

out loud from the top of a hill

letting it bounce amongst the trees

and hit the ears of whoever got in its way?


Or would I whisper it quietly,

so only those closest could hear,

drawing in their heads to absorb

every word and feeling?


Would I speak plainly in words

so simple, so concise –

laying out the truth like a bridge

between me and the rest?


Or would I enigmatize it;

lay a stone here and another there

while the rapids of emotion and stoicism

smooth them into a treacherous path?


Or would I sit quietly

and look into your eyes

hear you say what I cannot and nod,

confirming what you already know.




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5 responses to “P – Poetry: My Personal Everest

  1. Lovely poem!
    Well, poetry was my first love (I also did the high school rhyming stuff…) but it has since been ousted by flash fiction… 🙂
    Nice to connect via the A to Z challenge!
    Writer In Transit

  2. Pretty nice poem. I struggle at poetry, although several readers have mentioned my flash fiction as poetic. Perhaps part of the problem pertains to my perception.

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