A little exercise to get you started

Okay, so I’m a bit weird.  Sometimes, when I’m suffering a little block, I try to find a good challenge or exercise to get the “juices flowing” so to speak, but so often the “writing prompts” that I find online can be stodgy.  Most of them consist of “Write a story beginning…”  Sure, that’s fine and all, but it forces the writer into subscribing to a ready-made story to which s/he has no real connection.  So, every now and then, I get an idea of my own, and sometimes they are more successful then I could have hoped.  This one, I came up with on my own, and had a lot of fun with.

Set aside a little over an hour, and grab a kitchen timer.  Come up with 12 story ideas – they can be simple, vague ideas like a guy and girl meet on a beach.  Set your timer and free-write for five minutes on each idea.  You can start anywhere in the story.  My easiest writing came when I started in the middle, with a climactic or turning point event in the idea I had come up with.  Truth be told, when I did this exercise, I didn’t find it very hard to write any of them – it is just five minutes, after all – but you’ll probably have a favorite among them when you finish.  Whatever seems most fleshed out, easiest to write, or, in my case, the one I didn’t want to stop writing when the timer stopped, could be your next big WIP.  My current WIP came from this exercise.

Good luck, and happy writing!



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2 responses to “A little exercise to get you started

  1. emilybolcik

    love this

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