Beginning again… Again

“Back in the saddle again.  [mehmehmeh] a friend is a friend.”

Yea, I don’t know the words to that song, but what I do know is I’m making an effort to write – meaningfully, interestingly, and, above all, for myself!  I’m writing everyday, in a journal of sorts for the most part, and most of it is about writing.  (If there’s anyone wondering where that title came from…)  So why not publish it here.  These are my Writings on Writing, after all.  And, I’ve found, there are plenty of subsequent topics.

What I Read, for instance.  Reading is a huge part of writing.  Reading the Classics gives us reference points, and allusion, and gives us something to aspire to – hopefully.  Reading our Contemporaries gives us a look at the competition.  What’s already being done, and how can I do it differently or better?

Movies I watch.  I think movies are just as important as books, because they are storytelling.  Just through a different medium.  Movies are generally more fast-paced, but these days, many books – especially the thriller, spy, young adult, and adventure genres – are emulating, as best they can, some elements of movies.  I read a lot of books that are very visual, almost as if the author is trying to give producers, screenwriters, directors, and cinematographers as much as s/he can to go on.  But when it comes down to it, movies are just another way to tell stories, and storytelling is a craft that can be studied, practiced, and perfected.

My Challenges and Exercises.  I have a habit of giving myself brief exercises or challenges in my writing.  I think they’re fun, and they give me a way to keep up my daily words when I’m blocked for what to write.  At present, I am working on a huge challenge – writing a screenplay.  Or more accurately, adapting a screenplay.  Just for fun.  (Yes, these are the kinds of things that are fun in my world.)  And I have started, tentatively, a new novel.  So, I guess that’s two big challenges.  And in two new genres. In addition to that, I am Reading more books about how to write various styles, genres, etc., and the ever helpful writers of these books often include exercises to help inspire and engage their readers.

So, anyway, I have a lot of things to write, and a lot of things to write about.  The truth is I have missed writing, and worst it has effected me very negatively.  My typing speed has suffered.  My language skills are suffering, and my heart.  It just hurts.  It’s true, writing does me good.  I feel accomplished when I finish – like I’ve done something, rather than just sit on my thumbs like so many days/nights.  I’m excited, and will try to keep the momentum going.  It helps that I have an actual desk, and home office again.  This is important to me, and I have to act like it is important.  I’m never going to get anywhere if I don’t try.


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